I welcomed 2017 among loving friends and with good tidings.

Some aspects of 2016 were jarring and unkind for many of us. While a bit of that unpleasantness will certainly spill into the New Year, I am hoping to keep positive and share some optimism with everyone around me. There have been many times in the past when I didn’t speak my mind and grew to regret it. This year I will try to be more assertive yet still respectful with my thoughts and concerns. While people may not be used to any such assertiveness from me, it will be honest and coming from the heart. When those things are true, I really think things will always work out in the end.

Over the Holidays I started some massive cleaning proejcts and realized I have way too many things for just one person. So, I started a toss one-thing-per-day rule. It can be anything! Just a bobby pin, a brush, or an earring back. I can toss, donate, or gift to my friends as long as it leaves my home. So far, it has been quite successful and even liberating!

I am naturally an anxious person, and much of that anxiety seems to come from the clutter of my life. Recently, I watched The Minimalists on Netflix and anxiety was discussed at length. I have since read their blog (link) and they put forth great ideals. Although I don’t think I can live out my personal minimalism quite to the extent they do, they have got me inspired.

Like many who enjoy fashion, I am a shopaholic and have accumulated a colossal wardrobe. I sometimes joke that I can clothe an army. In all honesty, I think this could almost be true! If not an army, at least a battalion or two. So, as part of the decluttering process, every week I am taking 7 pieces (one-per-day!) from my wardrobe (there may be no rhyme or reason for the choices!) to incorporate into my revolving pieces so that I have worn them at least once that week. On Sunday, whatever has not been incorporated will meet the aforementioned T.D.G. (Toss, Donate, Gift) criteria. I will be posting the outcomes.
I would also like to shop investment or capsule pieces and veer away from fast fashion retail. This is a very tricky one for me as my closet is currently inundated with so many of these frivolous pieces. Thus, even though some of my posts will still occasionally showcase fast fashion retailers… I will try my best to suggest better options. I want to find an alternative path towards building better rather than tossing every fast fashion piece I have. I think it adds to the problem and not the solution.

Earlier last year I also began my personal journey into cruelty-free makeup brands. I have stopped purchasing products that test on animals. It was surprising to find so much about animal cruelty. For me, it’s just one tiny step and I will be doing more. I still own many products that are known to test since this is a recent cleansing effort. Again, I don’t think tossing away everything solves the issue since it is already bought. Damage done. But I will try my best to find alternatives of the ‘testers’ I utilize on my posts and all of my future purchases and recommendations will keep animals and nature in mind.

Right now, I am at the very beginning of shaping my life to the way I want it to be. These steps inevitably come with some pushback. All hard choices are often ridiculed. That’s fine.  I may even be called a hypocrite because up until now I lived in a different world. But I do hope, for me and for you, that we all can eventually grow into the best versions of ourselves. Whatever that may be to us.

Here’s to having the best year yet!
Bengali Girl

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