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greenluv3 copy
Lipstick- Icon by Hourglass


I picked up this tube almost at the beginning of last year, influenced by my best friend’s recommendation. She used the liquid version which has the stain/gloss consistency and was in love. As I am not much of a lip gloss/stain person, I decided on the tube lipstick instead (although I will admit to buying the liquid one later ).

This Hourglass lipstick is the best there is and has been on the radar heavily during the holiday season for its rich color.

The Icon is, however, a year round option if you are a bold lip kinda girl. It only takes a few swipes and lasts even after meals and rarely needs touch up through the day. I have used a lip liner to stop the feathering and its amazing. I suggest a clear lip liner so as not to tamper with the lipstick’s hue. I do admit that the liquid version has a little better staying power than the tube ( coffee, breakfast ,lunch, teatime vs. coffee, breakfast and lunch).

I have yet to find an inexpensive version that works just as great as this one. But it is worth the splurge!

Hope you enjoyed!


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