TM- www.fainpiration.comAuthor: Neil Gaiman

Genre: Fiction/ Graphic Novel

Pages: 192

Rating: 🙂 🙂 🙂

Synopsis: A family murdered. A child’s escape to a cemetery. An adoption taking place by the cemetery inhabitants and the vow to look after the child.

My Musings: 

The book begins with a murder scene and a baby escaping from  his crib. The dark comic panels play out the child’s journey to the cemetery in a cold, rainy night and a pair of the cemetery’s resident taking a liking to him. Eventually , the ghost of the child’s mother begs to the couple to keep him from harm and lovingly, they oblige. Then a mysterious man named, Silas, misleads the killer, Jack, into thinking the baby has crawled some where else. Once the diversion is complete, the story continues with the little boy, now named Nobody Owens by his foster parents, growing up. Each chapter has its own anecdotes and life lessons that Nobody comes to learns. Volume One ends with an re-entry from Jack and his search to find Nobody and finish what he started.

Graphic novel adaptations from a book is usually a risky endeavor. But I was thoroughly entertained with the it. I will admit that I have not read the book version but I feel like the comic strips has given the story line justice. There is a subtle change in the comic art and color scheme in each chapter which is worth mentioning.

I will be finishing Volume Two soon and heading over to grab a copy of the original book edition.

Happy Reading!

Bengali Girl

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