I grew up using Jordana‘s nail polish and kohl liners. So there is a bit of childhood memories involved. Truth be told, I wasn’t “allowed” to wear full makeup till I was 16 but I had acquired a collection eye shadow palettes that I used to play around with. I think that’s why I am obsessed with lip products. Still to this day, I ask my BFF for make up lessons and tips.

This particular retractable lip liner is called Sedona Red. It is unusually creme with a matte finish. It was very easy to apply and stayed on for a full day with a little reapplication after a massive and yummy brunch consisting of burger, fries and onion rings. I can never be ladylike with food; hence the reapplication. There was no feathering, or smudgy lines and my lips did not feel dry either.

This is a great drug store buy for a budget friendly wallet and it will definitely last you a long time. I bought it from Duane Reade but I am sure you can find it in a CVS or Rite Aid as well.

Hope you enjoyed!

Bengali Girl


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