Lip Stain- Lime Crime. TM FAinspiration

Lip Stain- Lime Crime. TM FAinspiration

I have never tried Lime Crime products before and thus decided to give a whirl. The lip stain or Velvetines (as per Lime Crime website) I tried is called, ” Wicked.” The applications is smooth and its dries matte. One thing to be weary of is that the first application has to be precise. Its quick drying so any alterations after may be a little tricky.

I used Urban Decay’s clear lip liner to prevent feathering and it worked out well. I did have to reapply a little after brunch but it stayed on for 4 hours before that.

The pigment is great and there is no streaking or patchiness.

I have not tried dark lips before this so it is definitely a treat and I may be a convert to vampy lips from my signature bright red.

The company itself is amazing! Lime Crime is cruelty-free and vegan which is great for body and soul. The website is very transparent with their ingredients and their product are visually pleasant. Although, a fairly new company, it has been climbing steady steps and I really hope it reaches high.


Hope you enjoyed!

Bengali Girl



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