Jana Bibi- Cover

Jana Bibi Inside

Author: Betsy Woodman

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 304

Rating: 🙂 🙂 🙂

Synopsis: An Englishwoman born and living in India, inherits a house in and travels to Hamara Nagar to start a new life and adventure.

My Musings: Originally, I picked up the third installment of the Jana Bibi series and then realized that I had to backtrack. I was not disappointed. A very easy and light read, the book follows an Englishwoman, Janet Laird, as she embarks into a journey to her inherited home in a remote hill station called Hamara Nagar. Her starts off with her housekeeper, Mary and her spunky parrot, Mr. Ganguly. Once at her new house, she acquires a band of quirky employees that includes a bagpiping Gurkha, a mostly stoned sweeper and a little errands boy.

She also befriends her assorted neighbors and as she settles in, she gets sucked into the town’s arising problem-demolition. The town finds out that there is a government issued dam to be constructed that will ultimately drown the whole town. So the townspeople band together to bring attention and popularize themselves on the country’s, if not the world map by advertising during a Futurology Convention. To attract tourists and news, they open up a soothsayer shop and Janet aka Jana Bibi reads her cards with the help of Mr. Ganguly.

All the characters are colorful and enjoyable as they break into side parts relaying their own lives and aspirations as they come together to save their town. I am going to be reading the other two books soon.

I recommend this book as a beach or travel read.

Happy Reading!


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