During a recent excavation of my make up drawer, I came upon the realization that I can’t recognize half of the ingredients on the product labels. It got me thinking about how much chemicals I may have been willingly putting in my body. Granted, there are and always will be multiple products with complicated names that sound like harsh chemicals but in reality, they are safe to use.  So, I want to find out what else is out there for me to stockpile. I wanted to see which ones were truly organic, listed their ingredients; which ones were cruelty free and/or environmentally conscious.

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In today’s well connected world, there is a daunting number of Organic brands and lines to choose from. While I was doing my research, a couple of the brands consistently popped up with great reviews. I decided to make a list to try some out and wanted to share the list with you. Here are 20 brands that are mentioned consistently, in no particular order:

  1. eb_lipsmootherEcco Bella– The company makes skincare, bodycare, makeup and parfum. They have a great selection of eye and lip products and they have a refill option which is great for reusing the cases. The Hair care line is bit limited but I am interested in trying out their Scalp Therapy Shampoo with Green Tea and Neem (I will be sure to write about it on a later post 😉 ). The ingredients are listed on their website and easily recognizable. They are mostly cruelty free with the exception of Carmine usage (Carmine is derived from the cochineal beetle and used for pink colors).
  2. organic-wear-natural-beautyPhysicians Formula– This is a popular drugstore brand that has been leading the organic drugstore sector. They have a great and affordable selection of skincare and makeup to choose from. I have used their eye pencil and blush palette before and the pigmentation is great. Their ingredients are said to be simple and organic but I could not find the cruelty free symbol or any mention of it on their website.
  3. P_T-bannerPure & True- Pure & True specializes in skincare which consists of cleansers, serums, scrubs and masques. They have mini-facial kits which is a great option to choose if you want to try them out without committing to a full size product. The company also supports charities which are listed on their website and are cruelty free.
  4. bareMinerals-make-up-006Bare Minerals- Any one who has used makeup at any point, already knows about Bare Minerals so I do not want to be redundant. They have a great skincare and makeup line. I could not find the cruelty free symbol or any mention of it on their website.
  5. afterglow-cosmeticsAfter Glow- After Glow has an array of make up products and brushes to choose from. They also offer a color consultation to newbies, supports multiple charities and is cruelty free among other things.
  6. OriginsOrigins- Origin has a plethora of products to try out. I have been eyeing their GinZing moisturizer to feel the energy boosting effects. This company is also a well known one in the industry and supports variety of charities and is cruelty free.
  7. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAZuii Organics– Zuii Organics has a detailed ingredient’s page on their website which was exciting to read. They offer makeup and brushes and are cruelty free.
  8. vapour-organic-beauty-lineVapour- Vapour’s story begins within the enchanted mountains of New Mexico. They create makeup and skincare which seems to be of great quality. Vapour offers a samples program so you can dip your toe in their products without fully committing in the first round. They are cruelty free as well.
  9. LumPrim_7fbac8b6-d7c3-4b6e-a570-ea02fa3b4b47_grande100% Pure- 100% Pure offer fruit dyed makeup, skincare, hair and nail products. The brand offers free shipping on all orders. In addition to their collection, they offer a separate baby collection. They are cruelty free.
  10. RMS-BeautyRMS Beauty- RMS Beauty is gaining popularity among various media and offers a great selection of skincare and makeup which includes brushes. I did not find any statement about cruelty free.
  11. Ilia_BrandsILIA Beauty- Ilia focuses mainly on lip products but does have a selection of multi-sticks, eye and face products. They are cruelty free and I am curious about their lip wear so stay tuned for a review!
  12. bs_tarte_collection6Tarte- Another leading brand in the world of organics, Tarte has an amazing palette of  make up and skincare. I recently got my hands on one of their bronzer and can’t wait to share the result with you! Like Origins, they are also cruelty free.
  13. 071307_5Josie Maran-  Argan Oil has made a big splash in the skin and hair world, and I think its safe to say that Josie Maran had a hand on bringing this product to the lime light. They carry a number of Argan oil infused make up, skin and hair care products. The website states the usage of Fair Trade Argan Oil (which is amazing) but there isn’t any mention of cruelty free.
  14. Alima-Pure-1Alima Pure- Alima Pure has a very sweet meaning to their name and their products range from makeup to brushes and tools. They have a great how-to-guide on their website and they are cruelty free.
  15. limecrime-makeupLime Crime- Lime Crime is becoming a media popular brand and for good reason. Their makeup have great pigmentation and last long. Not to mention they are cruelty free and vegan.
  16. TTHarperUlogo_565_nyTata Harper- Tata Harper has been mentioned in various fashion magazines recently and they swear by their quality. Besides the array  of makeup and skincare, they also carry a line of aromatherapy of which I am curious to try. They are very transparent with their practice and has a tell all attitude which is refreshing. They are cruelty free.
  17. Kjaer_Weis_collection_page_grandeKjaer Weis- Weis’ realization about the balance of organic and chemical infused products led her to create her company. Her collection of makeup and brushes look divine and are cruelty free. Definitely worth a shot.
  18. lsTracie Martyn- Tracie Martyn specializes in skincare and owns a skincare salon. The products look decadent and I am intrigued with the salon services. There is no mention of cruelty free.
  19. 34407437_025_bAntonym- Antonym carries a small but sweet collection of make up and brushes. They are cruelty free as well.
  20. 51Exw1j9w6LSircuit- Sircuit has a vast selection of skin, lip and body care products and they offer trial sizes. Yes, they are cruelty free, period.

I had a blast compiling this list and learned a good deal about cosmetics and skincare. Hopefully this will also bring me closer to understanding what my body and skin prefer, love and need. I am excited to give these companies a whirl and feel good while doing so.


Hope you enjoyed!

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