TM FAinspiration

TM FAinspiration

Author: Kristin Cashore          

Genre: YA Fantasy Fiction

Pages: 480

Rating: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Synopsis: The Story of Katsa, a teenager, who has a special and innate skill- called a ‘Grace’. This book is the first of the Realm Series.

My Musings: I first heard about the Realm Series with ‘Bitterblue.’ But then I was advised to backtrack to the first book to get a complete understanding of the story. I am glad I listened because Graceling was worth it. I was engrossed in the series so much that I spent many late nights under my covers reading like a mad woman.

Graceling begins with the story of a royal teenager named, Katsa, who works for her uncle, Randa, the King of Middluns. Initially, it was thought that Katsa is graced with the power to kill. She is used as a weapon to punish or kill the people who has committed wrong in King Randa’s eyes. By the end of the book, she realizes her true Grace.

Katsa is also responsible for creating a band of members called the Council, who conduct secret missions to bring peace and promote justice against cruelty and tyranny.

The beginning of the book places Katsa carrying out a secret mission to rescue a royal member and perchance to meet Po. By the end of the book, they are madly in love.

This rescue quest opens up a path towards lot of evil work and as Katsa trails along, she and Po end up rescuing Bitterblue, princess to Monsea, from her father, King Leck.

It was discovered that King Leck has the Grace to manipulate minds and uses it to terrorize his kingdom.

Katsa finally manages to kill him and saves the day and places Bitterblue on the throne.

There are a lot more in the pages which I will leave out only because I don’t want to give everything away.

It is a fairly easy read and it will suck you right in. You won’t even think of skipping a few chapters or putting it down.

There also has been talks of the book being made into a movie and the rights have been purchased back in 2013. However, nothing concrete has been promoted or seen so far.

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I hope you enjoyed!

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