For the New Year, I created a few goals for myself which I shared with you all. One of them was to declutter my closet systematically. Decluttering is a tough enterprise and so I am trying to make it fun. To that end, I created a template to more effectively do so. Here’s how it goes: Every Sunday, I choose 7 items from my closet (they can be any pieces, from a barrette to a pair of socks, but they have to be at random. I literally just close my eyes and point!). Then during the next week, I make sure to incorporate at least one of those designated pieces into each daily outfit. On the following Sunday, I take inventory of any pieces I haven’t worn. They then go through the TDG (Toss – Donate – Gift.) cycle. The remaining items will also be inspected. If I have worn them but didn’t feel comfortable or confident, they are also subject to TDG. This way, I give a second chance to my entire closet and am able to clearly distinguish which ones I still adore. There is no specific timeline for this venture since that depends on the quantity of your closet. But I believe that this will help create a capsule wardrobe from items that are already there and to feel confident about them. I am calling this endeavor The 7×7 Project — Shopping my Closet. I will be documenting my pairings with you and I hope that you will be inspired to try it out.

Here are my seven picks for this week and how I styled some of them 🙂 –TM-www.fainspiration.comHow about you? Are you ready to challenge yourself too?




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